"I cannot begin to tell you how much your guidance and support has meant to me...you have been such an amazing gift in my life and I thank you so much! The personal strategic plan I did really set my intention in motion for this job; the company, team, and my role are totally aligned with my core values, mission, and my vision. Wow, this is a powerful tool and I sincerely appreciate you sharing it with me!"

Heather Jerrhian, VP/GM Custom Products

KLR Client Success Stories

One great way to see what KLR can do for you is to see what we have done for others. Take a moment and peruse our Success Stories they contain lots of valuable information and insights into our processes.

Corporate Success Stories

VeevaVeeva Product Marketing

DiSC & coaching tap into people's superpowers!

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF147kb)

Rodan+FieldsRodan+Fields Executive Coaching

Coaching helps three senior executives to enhance their skills and improve their leadership results.

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF166kb)

CAL InsuranceCAL Insurance

Growing the team while building & maintaining a great culture.

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF175kb)

Major Bank

Developing a high-level team to work effectively together as a team.

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF162kb)

Schusterman Family FoundationSchusterman Family Foundation

Kristi's facilitation has helped the Education Team at this nonprofit build a cohesive, effective culture from the start.

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF193kb)

River Rock Real Estate GroupRiver Rock Real Estate Group

Communication, customer service, relationship-building, and increased competance and confidence for new managers were on tap for this unique real estate firm.

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF148kb)

Hope ServicesHope Services

Kristi's authoritative facilitation of retreats results in focused, strategic results for this non-profit Board of Directors.

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF164kb)

CorEdge TalentCorEdge Talent

Masterful facilitation of emotional retreats results in partnership charter and a stronger more resilient pair of founders for this talent acquisition company.

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF156kb)


Kristi's unique facilitation of DiSC workshops brings clarity, improved communication, and better teamwork to national beauty brand.

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF148kb)


Between this startup's rapid growth and the managers' thirst for knowledge, the executive team realized that they needed to provide their leaders and managers with some professional development.

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF143kb)

Impax Laboratories, Inc.Impax Labs

Biotech marketing team turns to KLR Consulting to improve their presentation skills and executive presence, as well as to increase the effectiveness of their presentations.

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF134kb)

Fraser InstituteThe Fraser Institute

Senior think tank staff ask for time management support and in the process improve their communication.

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF121kb)

Columbia University Public SafetyColumbia University Public Safety

The Public Safety department at Columbia University is responsible for the security of many people. They turned to KLR for help when they needed to improve their leadership skills and focus.

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF113kb)

Columbia University Med CenterColumbia University Medical Center

Columbia University's Facilities Management group needed to communicate more effectively, and to work together as a cohesive team.

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF86kb)

The CouncilThe Council

The premier trade association for leading commercial insurance brokers calls upon Kristi's expert facilitation to handle their 50-member Board of Directors.

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF86Kb)

Montgomery & Hansen LLPMontgomery & Hansen, LLP

Law firm Montgomery & Hansen specializes in supporting entrepreneurs and investors as they start and grow successful companies.

"We chose Kristi because she had substantial experience with lawyers, and she really understands how we tick."

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF86Kb)

Social TribeSocial Tribe

Social Tribe delivers social marketing campaigns that work. We collaborate with clients to integrate social media tools throughout their communications mix, resulting in cohesive social experiences that engage customers. Through authentic interaction, Social Tribe brings companies to life on the social web.

"I've learned a lot about leadership from Krist... I am definitely back in the driver's seat thanks to Kristi Royse and KLR Consulting."

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF83Kb)


This streaming media company catering to government agencies brought in KLR Consulting to address productivity and communications challenges facing the executive team, as well as, the staff.

"The value of KLR's programs will be felt in this company for many years to come."

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF82Kb)

Mission Valley Veterinary ClinicMission Valley Veterinary Clinic

This thriving local veterinary practice needed KLR Consulting to realign the entire business structure and retrain all employees in order to calm the chaos in the organization's daily life.

"Today, we don't have any staff turnover and the drama we had before KLR is gone."

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF46Kb)

First 5 San Mateo CountyFirst5 San Mateo

A Northern California child advocacy agency partnered with KLR Consulting to provide a myriad of services from Executive Coaching to Conflict Resolution workshops.

"I've seen transformation in everyone...I even use KLR as a resource during the interview process for hiring."

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF46Kb)

Robert Mann PackagingRobert Mann Packaging

The leading produce packaging manufacturer turns to KLR Consulting to help their executive team grow and evolve.

"KLR brought us right back to the fundamentals...They showed us how we could build on the innate trust our group enjoyed because of our rich history together."

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF46Kb)

Individual Executive & C-Suite Success Stories

CEO / Tracy Farhad (CEO, President, Tracy Farhad)

Coaching helps CEO improve leadership results & recapture team effectiveness.

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF200kb)

Steve Harris (Founder & CEO, S.C. Harris & Associates)

Wealth management firm CEO works with Kristi on a presentation with a short turnaround time. The results include clear messaging, increased confidence, and having some fun!

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF150kb)

Esther Szabo (Founder & CEO, Gates Pass Advisors)

Public speaking and presentation skills are so important to getting your message across! Financial advisor worked with Kristi to hone her core message and brush up on her presence and speaking skills.

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF152kb)

DZH PhillipsCecilia Angat (Partner-in-Charge, Audit Department, DZH Phillips)

Accounting partner works with Kristi to conquer fear and nerves with practice, and builds public speaking skills to increase confidence and authority.

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF281kb)

Nani McDonnell (Vice President of Accounts Management, PointClickCare)

With a very important presentation coming up about the client experience at PointClickCare, Nani sought help with her presentation skills. "I'm not a comfortable presenter," she says. Her boss sent her to KLR immediately for help.

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF142kb)

Meredith Obendorfer (Vice President, DKC)

Unhappy in her job, this PR exec turned to KLR to restore her confidence and make a dramatic career move.

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF215kb)

Sarah Tenisi (CEO & Founder, TenisiTech)

New tech CEO steps up her presentation skills and gets help with big leadership decisions.

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF227kb)

Karen I. Relucio, M.D. (Chief Public Health Officer, Napa County)

When Dr. Relucio realized she needed to develop her leadership skills, she turned to Kristi Royse of KLR Consulting.

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF96Kb)

Coaches Training InstituteSabrina Roblin (Vice President, Coaches Training Institute)

Coaching firm's Vice President turns to KLR to improve management abilities and gain more confidence in role.

"I chose Kristi and her company because she has a positive outlook and we immediately established a good chemistry together."

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF34Kb)

Robert Mann PackagingJohn Mann (Vice President, Robert Mann Packaging)

Vice President of packaging company improves management and delegation skills.

""The retreat was so successful that as soon as I found out KLR provided executive coaching services, I knew it was exactly what I needed."

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<download as PDF> (Adobe PDF83Kb)