"Not only has our non-profit turned to KLR to improve the entire team, I have received personal mentoring from Kristi in order to become a better leader. The consistent coaching Kristi provides is at a level that exceeded every expectation, but is delivered in a very realistic and understandable way. Whether Kristi is working with a CEO or a part-time intern, she successfully challenges her clients to understand their strengths and how to use them in real-world practice to be a better individual personally and professionally."

Debby Armstrong, Director
First 5 San Mateo County

Success Stories

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Impax Labs

Impax Labs Success Story

Presentation Skills Success Story

Impax Laboratories is a technology-based specialty pharmaceutical company, and a leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of specialty prescription pharmaceutical products. The company had a major product launch coming up and the team of Marketing Directors was scheduled to do several presentations to big audiences within the company.

Communicating Effectively

"It was really important that we convey the message, the benefits of the new product, in a simple, concise way that would resonate with the sales force and give them the inspiration and motivation they needed to sell the new product," says Hilary, Associate Director of Market Research.

The company's Director of Sales Training had worked with KLR Consulting and suggested to Darryl Chew, Marketing Director, that he, Hilary, and the rest of the team could benefit from Kristi's presentation skills training. The team had many years of experience giving presentations, but also realized that there was room to improve.

Some of Darryl's concerns for his team included:

Hilary notes that, while she was quite comfortable presenting to smaller groups, these new talks were going to be bigger, more formal and dramatic, requiring that she, and the team, be on stage, in the spotlight, in front of a much larger audience.

"When you have a big group of people in a darkened room, there is a good chance they'll fall asleep! You really need to give them something that has a major impact and that keeps their attention."

Stories to Energize and Engage the Audience

Kristi's work with the team included helping them identify and use real client stories to bring the impact of the drug to life. Says Hilary, "For example, the former actress who was still very concerned with her appearance - It would take her half an hour just to put in her earrings every morning because of the effects of the disease. This was a powerful way to bring to life the impact the drug would have on real people." Hilary continues, "Kristi really helped us shift our perspective to see the effectiveness of storytelling."

"She is so good at helping you improve your communication, presence and your confidence! If you want to increase your impact with any audience, Kristi is the right choice."

~ H.R., Associate Director Market Research

Message, Transitions...and Confidence!

Kristi also worked with the group to distill their message down to its essence. "She helped me think through the process of crystallizing my objective and the key message I wanted to convey to best serve the audience’s needs.”

Hilary and Kristi worked on Hilary's transitions, making her movement from point to point smoother and giving a logical flow to the message.

"With her help I've also been able to make my slides more impactful," says Hilary.

But perhaps most importantly, "Kristi really helped me with my confidence. I was fine with smaller groups, but presenting to these big groups was making me nervous! With Kristi's help I did a really good job, and now I'm more confident for future presentations."

The Proof is in the Presentations

Hilary would definitely recommend that others work with Kristi, both for her presentation skills training and for her facilitation skills. "She is so good at helping you improve your communication, presence, and your confidence. If you want to increase your presence and impact with any audience, Kristi is the right choice for any team in any industry.”

As for Darryl, he and his team continue to work with Kristi. He says, “Of the many presentation coaches that I have had experience with, Kristi is the most effective. She has a very keen eye on identifying core strengths and areas to enhance. Her ability to continuously coach and provide individualized feedback is excellent. Kristi has helped my team grow professionally and personally. She is a valued and continued consultant for my marketing team.”

"She has a very keen eye on identifying core strengths and areas to enhance. Her ability to continuously coach and provide individualized feedback is excellent."

~ Darryl Chew, Marketing Director, Impax Laboratories

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