"I truly enjoyed your lively, engaging presentation. What I particularly liked was how much I learned simply by watching you present and the way you engaged everyone in the audience and kept our attention for the entire session. Your content will be great to review as I prepare for future presentations. I also realized that your techniques are scalable, whether I am speaking to a crowd or meeting one-on-one with a major donor."

Patrick Heryford, Board Member, Development Executives Roundtable


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Executive Coaching

Like with athletes, coaching can be the catalyst for finally realizing personal and professional goals.

Kristi's coaching process provides:

  • Focused assistance
  • Improved effectiveness
  • Goal clarification
  • Improved communication skills
  • Accountability
  • Additional training and skills development to help each client reach their potential.

As a coach, Kristi listens, reflects, questions, and provides perspectives, insights and strategies.

  • All discussions are confidential and "owned" by the client no matter who pays for the service.
  • Clients enter into coaching with the understanding that they are responsible for their own plan.
  • When you start an executive coaching program, be ready to explore core issues, strategies and new possibilities without judgment or bias.

Some of the results of coaching include:

  • Improved leadership focus, including a clear vision, mission and values.
  • Flexibility: Greater ability to initiate change and adapt to changing business and economic conditions.
  • Commitment: Increased attention to the goals of the organization and an improved ability to work, delegate and direct based on ongoing awareness of the organization's overarching needs.
  • The ability to better manage relationships at all levels, and to effectively direct, motivate, and develop staff.
  • Improved morale, leading to increased support, productivity and commitment, and reduced turnover.
  • Improved Communication: An understanding of how to communicate openly, honestly, and effectively with employees, colleagues, clients and bosses.
  • Clear expectations and goals, and the tools to measure the accomplishment of those goals.

Coaching can help you to address many challenges and gives you an objective, caring sounding board for important decisions.

"Kristi encouraged me to take the DiSC assessment and helped me to evaluate the findings. I was so struck by her enthusiasm and encouragement that I immediately recommended her to many colleagues. Kristi has become a source of inspiration for me, passing along thoughtful articles and tidbits of advice that are perfectly suited for my role and aspirations. Kristi is passionate, driven and thoughtful in her approach and I would highly recommend her services."

Kristen Heryford, Professional Development Coordinator
Fenwick & West

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