"Kristi is a dynamic presenter that captivates a room with her passion and knowledge."

Kristen Heryford, Professional Development Coordinator
Fenwick & West

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News from 2022

Video: How to Retain Your People

(posted: 04/04/2022)

Stem the tide of The Great Resignation!

News from 2020

Podcast: Kristi's Leadership Secrets

(posted: 12/01/2020)

Authentic leadership, active listening, Platinum Rule vs Golden Rule...

Virtual Workshop: Game On! Finalizing Your Re-Entry Strategy

(posted: 05/25/2020)

In this free, interactive session we'll help you to collectively brainstorm and plan for the transition back to the "new normal" of work.

Calling All Incubees!

(posted: 05/04/2020)

Update your PSP with Kristi May 15th

Podcast Guest: Leaders & Trust

(posted: 04/21/2020)

Kristi guests on the Mission Matters podcast

Where You'll Find Kristi

(posted: 03/02/2020)

It's never too late to create a strategic plan for your personal goals!

Where You'll Find Kristi

(posted: 01/28/2020)

Develop a growth mindset, shift perspective from manager to leader, and more!

Where You'll Find Kristi

(posted: 01/02/2020)

PSP and Moving into Leadership are among the many talks Kristi is giving in the 1st quarter.

News from 2019

Where You'll Find Kristi

(posted: 11/22/2019)

FEI Silicon Valley & the East Bay Women's Conference in early 2020!

Meet Peter

(posted: 11/19/2019)

Peter is a CEO with deep financial expertise.

Where You'll Find Kristi

(posted: 09/09/2019)

Change as an opportunity to practice your growth mindset.

Where You'll Find Kristi

(posted: 04/01/2019)

Negotiation skills for women, the IT Factor, and more.

Where You'll Find Kristi

(posted: 03/01/2019)

London again, NextGen Summit for PSP, and more!

Where You'll Find Kristi

(posted: 01/12/2019)

London & Dallas, DiSC & Presentation Skills, there's a lot going on!

News from 2018

Where You'll Find Kristi

(posted: 12/14/2018)

Powerful Presentations, Art of Engaged Feedback, and more!

Where You'll Find Kristi

(posted: 11/12/2018)

Powerful Presentations, Art of Engaged Feedback, and more!

Commonwealth Club Talk Podcast Now Available!

(posted: 10/06/2018)

Get the link here.

Kristi to Speak at Commonwealth Club

(posted: 09/12/2018)

Plan & communicate your "next act" with Kristi's steps...

Where You'll Find Kristi

(posted: 06/11/2018)

Negotiation skills for women at Wilpower and a Commonwealth Club date!

Negotiation Skills for Women

(posted: 04/30/2018)

For LWT, tips, strategies and techniques to make negotiating work for you.

Where You'll Find Kristi

(posted: 03/26/2018)

Don't miss Art of the Elevator Pitch and Negotiating Skills for Women.

Kristi Supports Int Womens Day with FWSF

(posted: 02/20/2018)

Kristi to facilitate at Int Womens Day Event

Talk Resonates with Financial Women of SF

(posted: 02/05/2018)

FWSF recaps Kristi's PSP talk. Read the article!

News from 2017

Speaking: Financial Women SF

(posted: 12/20/2017)

Kristi to present Personal Strategic Planning to Financial Women of SF

Where You'll Find Kristi

(posted: 11/17/2017)

Presenting for founders, and personal strategic planning for 2018!

Where You'll Find Kristi

(posted: 11/01/2017)

Storytelling in business, pitch with a story, and personal strategic planning to start the year!

Where You'll Find Kristi

(posted: 09/25/2017)

Women in leadership and storytelling in business and in your elevator pitch!

Where You'll Find Kristi

(posted: 07/10/2017)

More public speaking and presentation skills training in July and August

Where You'll Find Kristi

(posted: 05/31/2017)

Presentation skills and public speaking are on the agenda this spring...

Powerful Presentations for FEI-SV

(posted: 01/23/2017)

Powerful presentations: strategies you can use to make public speaking a valuable tool.

News from 2016

Women in Business Panel: Strategies & Success

(posted: 12/21/2016)

"Success without a plan is just an accident," was how Kristi began the panel discussion...

Book Kristi For 2017

(posted: 11/01/2016)

Lots of presentations, keynotes & workshops available...

Where You'll Find Kristi

(posted: 08/29/2016)

Lots of presenatation skills and feedback, at the CLUB, TVCF, and Provisors!

Where You'll Find Kristi This Fall

(posted: 08/01/2016)

A webinar for Breakaway Funding, a DZH Phillips panel, The CLUB & more!

Where You'll Find Kristi This Summer & Fall

(posted: 06/01/2016)

FEI Silicon Valley, Breakaway Funding Webinar, and more!

Where to Find Kristi

(posted: 04/18/2016)

Watermark, The CLUB, and Breakaway Funding

Where to Find Kristi

(posted: 02/15/2016)

Association of Legal Administrators, the Financial Women of SF, East Bay Chapter, Watermark and more!

Where You'll Find Kristi 2016

(posted: 01/18/2016)

NAWBO, Adobe & Women, Provisors & more coming up in 0216...

News from 2015

Where to Find Kristi

(posted: 08/13/2015)

Lots of ProVisors talks, Women in Consulting, and a WilPower workshop this Fall.

NEW! The Art & Science of Effective Feedback

(posted: 06/15/2015)

Feedback is never easy, whether you are on the giving or recieving end!

You are invited - May 27th!

(posted: 05/05/2015)

Workshop: Mastering the Art and Science of Effective Feedback

Where to Find Kristi

(posted: 04/01/2015)

Provisors, several nonprofit retreats, & a workshop for The CLUB's Incubator are coming up.

Where to Find Kristi

(posted: 03/20/2015)

Impax Labs, The CLUB's Incubator & staff development programs are on KLR's calendar.

Upcoming Presentations & Keynotes

(posted: 02/23/2015)

Coming in March: Women in Consulting, Development Executives Roundtable...

New Incubator for Women Leaders

(posted: 01/05/2015)

Kristi named as co-director of The CLUB of Silicon Valley's leadership incubator

News from 2014

KLR Watermark Webinar

(posted: 12/09/2014)

Jan. 7th: Communicate more effectively & authoritatively with everyone in your life!

With Gratitude

(posted: 11/23/2014)

Giving thanks, and a blog post to enhance gratitude.

Keynotes at SLAC, ULI & More

(posted: 09/28/2014)

Join us: Presentations On Fire, Listen Up & Powerful Conversations talks are coming up...

KLR In Forbes

(posted: 08/01/2014)

We're quoted on company culture in Forbes!

Executive Presence for Legal Administrators

(posted: 07/24/2014)

You need this if you manage a law firm!

Presentation Skills Workshops

(posted: 04/11/2014)

"A successful talk is a little miracle...

Listen Up!

(posted: 03/03/2014)

Change how you listen, connect with people in new ways, and get through to everyone.

Webinar: Personal Strategic Planning

(posted: 01/06/2014)

This engaging webinar will give you an overview of how the strategic planning process can be used to acheive your personal dreams, including:

News from 2013

Rare Chance to Attend My Personal Strategic Planning Presentation

(posted: 12/20/2013)

The results-driven program to help you achieve the future you desire

Report From The 3% Conference

(posted: 11/17/2013)

I was thrilled to facilitate one of the panel discussions at the conference...

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