"Kristi helped our key management team to build long term objectives and a game plan to achieve our goals. She helped us communicate more effectively despite our diverse set of personalities. We have had several retreats facilitated by Kristi that have helped us develop solid ground rules for our management team regarding code of conduct and the cultural message we want to send to our employees and the marketplace. We had our best year in our company's 43 year history and I attribute some of this to the focus brought by our work with Kristi. I value ethics, hard work and follow through and Kristi has all these."

Steven Caroll, President
Robert Mann Packaging


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Presentation Skills & Executive Presence

"I have attended a couple of Kristi's training sessions and it is amazing how she manages to grab everyone's attention and never lose it for the duration of the session. On both occasions I have left the room inspired and committed to giving better presentations and armed with tools that will enable me to do just that! Thank you Kristi!"

Stephen Wares, VP Business Development
CCW Business Solutions


Excerpts From "Presentations On Fire!"

Presentations are boring. But they don’t have to be. And you don’t have to be a celebrity to be a star presenter. Whether you need your presentation to...

  • Educate
  • Influence
  • Inform
  • Entertain

...It also needs to inspire. Our presentation skills workshops will develop your executive presence to inspire you, excite you about the possibilities, and give you the confidence and skills to develop and deliver passionate, effective presentations. We help presenters at all levels of experience overcome their fears, build their skills and confidence, develop and deliver presentations, and learn to treat each presentation as a precious opportunity.

Public speaking is essential to your success. You need to effectively sell your ideas, expand your influence, and get people on board with a worthy mission or cause. You need to inspire your audience.

Some of the tools and skills particpants will learn:

  • How to develop an effective presentation including identifying intent or objective
  • Executive & stage presence: How to get it, how to use it
  • Best practices for presentations & speakers
  • Using the right tools for the message
  • Understanding audiencemotivation
  • Connecting & building trust with your audience
  • Building your confidence as a speaker
  • Storytelling to entertain and engage your audience
  • Listening skills (a surprising key to successful presentations)
  • Overcoming fears & dealing with nervousness
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Practice -Why it’s important and how to make it stick

Follow up or one-on-one coaching may include:

  • Personalized coaching to address fears & increase comfort & confidence
  • Q & A: Preparing for audience interactions
  • Expert feedback on role play and rehearsing
  • Coordination of presentations to ensure consistency of message
  • Expert review of your visuals and other tools

If you’ve ever been trapped in a bad presentation, you recognize that sinking feeling almost immediately: “Oh no, not another snore-fest.”

Let us help you banish death-by-powerpoint! We’ll give you the skills, the confidence and the executive presence you need to develop and deliver effective, inspiring presentations.

"Of the many presentation coaches that I have had experience with, Kristi is the most effective. She has a very keen eye on identifying core strengths and areas to enhance. Her ability to continuously coach and provide individualized feedback is excellent. Kristi has helped my team grow professionally and personally. She is a valued and continued consultant for my marketing team."

Darryl Chew, Marketing Director
Impax Laboratories, Inc

"Kristi showed me the importance of stepping back and building my talk with the end, and the audience, in mind, and really helped me understand the value of practice and preparation. She even came to the presentation, gave me a pep talk before I went on, and was in the audience where I could see her. That was incredibly anchoring and reassuring!"

Tech Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder

"Kristi spoke on Presentation Skills for our annual OPEN Forum and not only was the room completely full, but each participant...complimented Kristi and us on a very well planned and highly motivational session. Kristi is smart, articulate and engages her audience in a way we have seldom seen other speakers do. She is extremely energetic, inspiring and very knowledgeable about the subject matter."

Faisal Jeddy, Vice President
OPEN Silicon Valley

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