"Thank you for the wonderful presentation today. I personally found so many valuable things to take away with me, and I saw a lot of note taking. Your own presentation skills are a testament to your work. You were engaging, charming and left an impression on the audience. I hope that we can coordinate future opportunities to learn from you."

Jennifer Rodriguez, Associate
Squire Patton Boggs, LLP

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Blogs from 2024

Coach's Notebook: Exec Presence for Leaders

(posted: 05/13/2024)

As a leader your charisma is critical. Learn how to develop it!

Blogs from 2023

4 (More) Books for Leaders

(posted: 09/07/2023)

How do we continue to have purpose & impact later in life?

Summer Reading List: 5 Books for Leaders

(posted: 06/19/2023)

Your inner world is just as important as goals & strategy.

Why Should You Develop Flexible, Resilient Emplo

(posted: 04/17/2023)

Employees who bounce back from challenges create resilient organizations

Vulnerability & Leadership

(posted: 03/15/2023)

Have the courage to be "wrong" & imperfect to become a better leader.

Exceptional Leaders: Are You Coachable?

(posted: 02/16/2023)

Like a top-tier athlete, or a-list actor, great leaders need to be coachable. Are you?

Blogs from 2022

Trip to Baja: Journey into My Heart

(posted: 12/01/2022)

My Modern Elder Academy retreat, and what I learned.

Quiet Quitting

(posted: 10/31/2022)

Your employees are doing the bare minumum. Here's how to fix it!

Summer Reading List for Leaders

(posted: 06/27/2022)

This year, it's all about leadership development & coaching.

Burnout: It's Killing Your Workforce

(posted: 05/20/2022)

Reduce burnout and keep your people!

Blogs from 2021

Book Review: Think Again

(posted: 09/01/2021)

A great read for leaders, with tips for opening your mind and shifting your perspective.

Blogs from 2020

Virtual Presentation Tips Pt 1

(posted: 11/20/2020)

In Pt 1 - Things you can do before your presentation to increase your success.

Summer Reading List: 5 Books for Leaders

(posted: 07/27/2020)

This year, some classic leadership books to inspire you to greatness.

Re-Entry Pkg Pt 5 - Leadership & Adaptation

(posted: 06/15/2020)

Use crisis to adapt, plus inspiration for hope & optimism

KLR Re-Entry Package, Pt 4 - Operational Change

(posted: 06/10/2020)

Fear of getting sick, public transit & lack of childcare are reasons people don't want to return to work.

Re-Entry Pkg Pt 3 - Communication & Leadership

(posted: 05/25/2020)

Right now, about 66% of workers in the US are not comfortable going back to work. You need a solid change-management program as part of your general re-entry plan.

Re-Entry Package, Part 2 - Engage for Impact

(posted: 05/18/2020)

Your culture will change as a result of the pandemic. Will it bring your people together, or push them apart? You can choose to engage for postive impact.

Re-Entry Package, Part 1 - Planning & Strategy

(posted: 04/30/2020)

To help with re-entry, we have free resources especially for you; a combination of information, tips, suggestions, best practices, & even exercises.

Plan to Succeed in 2020!

(posted: 01/01/2020)

Questions, tips, and strategies to help you have a great year!

Blogs from 2019

9 Things We Love From Nine Lies About Work!

(posted: 11/22/2019)

It's all about teams, embracing employee's unique differeces, & loving what you do.

5 Tips For Cultivating a Growth Mindset

(posted: 10/28/2019)

Success is as much about willingness to learn as it is about talent.

The Avengers: Earth's Worst Team?

(posted: 08/12/2019)

How do The Avengers fare as a team? They could do better!

Summer Reading List: 5 Books for Leaders

(posted: 06/17/2019)

This year, books for everyone at all stages of their life or career.

The Avengers: What Style are They?

(posted: 05/21/2019)

The Avengers are the most popular team in the world right now, so what are their DiSC styles?

Do You Have the IT Factor?

(posted: 04/22/2019)

News Flash! Executive presence is a skill you can develop!

Leadership Tips: CEOs of Ford, Southwest, More

(posted: 03/04/2019)

Notes from the UnConference & tips from super successful CEOs

Review 2018 & Plan Your 2019 Success

(posted: 01/07/2019)

Questions, tips, and strategies to help you have a great year!

Blogs from 2018

Do You Need a Check-Up?

(posted: 12/17/2018)

This coming year, prioritize the health of your organization and reap the rewards.

Congrats, SF & Palo Alto 2018 WILpower grads!

(posted: 11/19/2018)

Another great year culminates in a party for the 2018 WILpower graduates. We are so proud of all the women who followed through with the program this year!

Review: Dare to Lead, Brene Brown

(posted: 11/01/2018)

Brene Brown's new book brings courage & vulnerability to business & leadership

Teams that Rock Hold Meetings that Work

(posted: 09/24/2018)

Meetings don't have to strike fear into the hearts of employees everywhere. Great teams embrace meetings and turn them into time well-spent, and you can too.

Summer Reading List: 5 Books for Leaders

(posted: 06/20/2018)

This year's crop of recommended reads are inpiring and also practical.

Myths of Strategic Execution & How to Break Free

(posted: 03/27/2018)

Your strategic plan is worth less than the paper it's written on, or the digital ink it's written with, if you can't execute it.

How to Craft a Memorable Elevator Pitch

(posted: 02/01/2018)

Get people interested in you, your project, or your idea with a few short, snappy sentences.

Blogs from 2017

Gratitude: The Business Case

(posted: 12/01/2017)

Gratitude deters harmful behaviors, increases productivity.

Your Anti-Anxiety Butterfly-Taming Guide

(posted: 07/27/2017)

People fear public speaking - it's right up there with death and spiders. But not to worry, we've got strategies to help you minimize the anxiety and increase your confidence!

Summer Reading List: 5 Books for Leaders

(posted: 06/05/2017)

Leaders: A selection of some juicy, challenging, motivating or inspiring books!

7 Deadly Sins of PowerPoint

(posted: 04/25/2017)

PowerPoint is a tool, it's not the content, and it doesn't tell engaging (or boring) stories. The presenter does.

Leaders: Focus Your Team on Collective Results

(posted: 03/29/2017)

Teams must pay attention to outcome-based results, and ensure all members are doing their part.

Leaders: 5 Questions to Build Accountable Teams

(posted: 02/28/2017)

Teams that hold each other accountable are more productive & successful.

Is Your Team Ham? Or Eggs?

(posted: 01/30/2017)

Commitment from team members is one of the building blocks of effective teams.

Blogs from 2016

What Will You Do in 2017?

(posted: 12/30/2016)

Plan for your best year - tips and strategies to make the most of your year.

Thanksgiving & Gratitude: 30 Quotes

(posted: 11/23/2016)

Gratitude and thanks are key to your well-being. They are also key to the success of great leaders! Here are 30 quotes to inspire your own thoughts on being grateful.

Successful Teams Embrace Conflict

(posted: 11/04/2016)

Conflict builds successful teams.

The 5 Building Blocks of Trust

(posted: 09/26/2016)

The key ingredient to building trust is not time. It is courage.

Leaders: Grit is Key to Success & Happiness

(posted: 08/08/2016)

A review of "Grit" by Angela Duckworth

Leaders: Top 5 Books for Summer Reading List

(posted: 06/06/2016)

The best leaders use summer reading to absorb some juicy, challenging, motivating or inspiring books

Great Leaders: Star Wars, Harry Potter &...

(posted: 04/25/2016)

Great leaders use the heroic quest to inspire teams and organizations.

Storytelling, Part III

(posted: 02/26/2016)

Stories are important in presentations, but how do you tell them the right way?

Goals That Work: Questions For an Amazing 2016

(posted: 01/21/2016)

Write down your goals & ask daily questions that measure your effort.

Failure: Stepping Stone to Success

(posted: 01/19/2016)

Rather than avoiding failure, successful leaders use it to increase success.

Blogs from 2015

7 Ways to Express Gratitude Every Day

(posted: 11/20/2015)

Express gratitude, or thanks, every single day!

Storytelling, Part II

(posted: 08/06/2015)

Stories are all around you; you just have to start looking for yours.

Storytelling, Part I

(posted: 05/19/2015)

Storytelling is the key to grabbing audience attention & inspiring them to action.

6 Ways To Structure A Compelling Presentation

(posted: 03/30/2015)

In this second post of the series we look at structures you can use to organize and streamline your presentations.

Understanding Your Audience In 5 Steps

(posted: 02/26/2015)

You've got to know your audience to be a great presenter...

KLR Predicts: 5 Trends for 2015

(posted: 01/26/2015)

What are the trends that executives and businesses will focus on in 2015? Hint: Inspiring & influencing will be a major element!

Blogs from 2014

How Was Your 2014?

(posted: 12/31/2014)

Celebrate your successes & learn from your failures in 2014

Thanksgiving & Gratitude

(posted: 11/24/2014)

Culitvating gratitude can reduce stress, improve your immune system, and make you happier!

Prepare for Powerful Conversations/Presentations

(posted: 10/03/2014)

When giving a talk, or a hard conversation, prepare deliberately.

Fake or Authentic?

(posted: 07/29/2014)

You can stop worrying right now - Executive presence is not about faking it, or putting on airs. It stems from your authenticity.

Mid-Year Check In, 2014

(posted: 07/07/2014)

3 steps you can take now to renew your focus and get you and your teams back on track for a successful 2014.

What is the Right Question?

(posted: 06/05/2014)

The right questions from leaders make for better collaboration, more engaged teams and more innovative solutions.

Change The Conversation: 5 Ways to Encourage...

(posted: 04/29/2014)

Collaboration works best when people know that their leaders take their input seriously.

Top 5 Reasons To Use a Professional Facilitator

(posted: 03/05/2014)

Professional facilitation is the easiest way to make your retreats, offsites and meetings truly successful.

Blogs from 2013

Leaders: Use Failure To Increase Success

(posted: 12/09/2013)

Failure is an inevitable experience on the path to success; we can use it to learn and grow.

3 Practices For Authentic Leadership

(posted: 11/05/2013)

People crave authentic leadership, and when they get it, they respond with amazing levels of engagement and productivity.

Mid-Year Check In

(posted: 07/11/2013)

3 steps to keep you & your teams focused on your goals for a successful 2013.

The 6 Rewards of Active Listening

(posted: 06/25/2013)

Leaders who listen improve everything from employee retention to the bottom line.

Great Company Culture Starts With YOU

(posted: 05/20/2013)

Increase productivity & profits, and attract the top talent with a vibrant company culture.

Happy Companies Experience Higher Profits

(posted: 03/29/2013)

In world-class organizations approximately 64% of employees are actively engaged, versus 34% at other companies.

Unplugging From Technology + Nature = Leadership

(posted: 02/04/2013)

You may not believe it, but to be a successful leader you need to disconnect from your electronic devices and go for a nature hike. Or walk the dog.

Leadership Strategies For Success In 2013

(posted: 01/15/2013)

A list of strategies for C-level executives, managers, entrepreneurs, owners or anyone else responsible for creating success in 2013.

Blogs from 2012

From Fear To Faith

(posted: 12/29/2012)

Faith, trust, and loyalty are the key building blocks to great teams and greater success.

Top 5 Leadership Lessons From 2012

(posted: 12/12/2012)

If we can assess the events of the previous year and apply what we learn, our companies will be uniquely poised for business growth in 2013.

Fear of Failure

(posted: 11/19/2012)

Don't fear failure - use it to find greater success.

Fear of Commitment

(posted: 11/03/2012)

To overcome fear of commitment in your employes, work on building trust.

Fear of Conflict

(posted: 09/27/2012)

Trust in the workplace overcomes fear of conflict.

The Ugly Four-Letter Word: Fear

(posted: 09/09/2012)

In this series we will talk about various facets of fear, how it impacts the workplace, and how we as leaders can change fear into trust.

Leaders: To Be Great, Be Grateful

(posted: 08/25/2012)

I am convinced that the key to lifelong success is the regular exercise of a single emotional muscle: gratitude.

Leaders: Trust Can Change Everything

(posted: 07/31/2012)

Building trust is one of the most critical challenges...It is what we as leaders should all be about.

Leaders: Find Your Voice

(posted: 06/21/2012)

You have to know yourself before you can effectively lead others. Many leadership experts call this "finding your voice"...

How To Be a Successful CEO

(posted: 05/19/2012)

Leadership lessons from two of the most successful, powerful CEOs in history - Apple's Steven Jobs and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

Leaders: What Is Your Legacy?

(posted: 05/01/2012)

Creating work environments that attract and retain happy, engaged, and productive employees..

On Leadership, Vulnerability, & Freedom

(posted: 04/10/2012)

I spent most of my life thinking about all my imperfections and about being wrong. And so do a lot of leaders.

Leadership Book Review: "Collaborate: The Art of

(posted: 04/02/2012)

Collaboration is the secret sauce to success.

Leaders: Engagement Without the Ring

(posted: 03/25/2012)

What is the most serious threat to the health of your business?

Leaders: Be Bad Long Enough to Become Good

(posted: 02/15/2012)

Leaders are meant to have a powerful role and impact people.

Leadership Book Review: "Peak"

(posted: 01/23/2012)

How Great Companies Get their Mojo from Maslow

Leadership Book Review: "Steve Jobs"

(posted: 01/08/2012)

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

Blogs from 2011

Leadership Book Review: "Unusually Excellent"

(posted: 12/30/2011)

This book offers a guide for applying the fundamental of leadership at every stage of their careers.

Leadership Book Review: "Talent Code" + 1 more

(posted: 12/27/2011)

Continuing in our series, here are two more books to help answer the big leadership questions.

Leadership Book Review: "Good Boss, Bad Boss" an

(posted: 12/15/2011)

As a leader, I have read and reviewed many inspiring leadership books this year.

Leaders: How to Unlock the Power of Words

(posted: 11/29/2011)

Words are powerful vessels. They can inspire or deflate someone in seconds

How to Become a Level 5 Leader

(posted: 11/15/2011)

Leadership is a growth process, not just a position or title.

Leaders: What is Really Important

(posted: 10/05/2011)

As a leader, have you settled on what is most important to you?

Are You a Strong Leader on the Inside?

(posted: 05/15/2011)

As leaders, we are providing hope and opportunity to the world at large.

John Wooden and His Winning Principles

(posted: 04/10/2011)

Strategies to finding happiness.

The Business of Happiness

(posted: 03/01/2011)

Can you use "happiness" to increase employee productivity?

Three Ways to Become a Great Boss

(posted: 01/11/2011)

Are you a great boss? Or, might you be a terrible boss?

Blogs from 2010

Coaching Good People to Excellence?

(posted: 11/30/2010)

Senior leadership roles require great people management skills

What are You Feeding Your Mind?

(posted: 10/27/2010)

What do we or others feed our minds that allows this to happen?

Are You Living to Your Potential?

(posted: 09/23/2010)

Of all the worthy pursuits in life, to me this is the most important.

Top Ten Practices of A Peak Performing Team

(posted: 08/12/2010)

Is your team ready to take off and reach new levels of success? Are you?

How to Get an Engaged, Productive and Focused Wo

(posted: 07/12/2010)

What are we, as leaders, really doing to change ourselves and our cultures?

The Keys to an Optimistic Outlook

(posted: 06/02/2010)

Better engaging your personal thought process

Mentoring: The Rules of Engagement

(posted: 05/10/2010)

Practical tips for setting up the mentoring relationship

Listen Your Way to Greatness

(posted: 04/28/2010)

Active listening is difficult to master

Mentoring: Your Secret Weapon

(posted: 04/20/2010)

Being a mentor can be a life-changing experience

Five Ways to Manage High Potential Gen Y Employe

(posted: 04/02/2010)

Effectively Coaching and Harnessing Their Potential

The Passing of a Legend

(posted: 03/01/2010)

Remembering Jim Rohn

Attraction: How to Get What You Want to Come To

(posted: 02/22/2010)

Key ingredients for attracting what you want into your life

Leaders: Dare to Ask for Help

(posted: 01/19/2010)

You know you need it. So go ahead and ask for it.

Design Your Best Year Ever

(posted: 01/14/2010)

No matter about last year; this year can be even better.

Where Will You Be Five Years From Today?

(posted: 01/02/2010)

Five years. What will you do with it? What could you do with it?

Blogs from 2009

Teaching Caterpillars to Fly

(posted: 10/22/2009)

Many of us are facing many changes and sticky messes in our lives now; personal and professional. We can choose to expect and embrace changes or choose to simply resist them.

Intentionally Increase Your Failures

(posted: 10/14/2009)

...what if the greatest success strategy in the world was not to focus on increasing your successes but your failures?

The Kids are Back in School. Are You?

(posted: 08/28/2009)

We live in a knowledge-powered economy. And if we're not continually upgrading our capabilities we become obsolete.

Kaizen: Small Steps to Greatness

(posted: 07/15/2009)

Think about a problem in your company that has been nagging at you for ages. Now, imagine being able to solve that problem-once and for all-with unprecedented results.

Mentoring is a Privilege and an Obligation

(posted: 07/03/2009)

How do you find the right mentor for your particular stage in your career and what value can you add to a mentee?

Leadership Bliss

(posted: 06/12/2009)

Hsieh is widely regarded as one of the most innovative Internet marketers of all time.

Be a Leadership Loser

(posted: 05/27/2009)

Have you ever not started an important project or activity because you were afraid of failing?

The Next Big Idea: Brand You

(posted: 05/22/2009)

Innovation and new business ideas emerge partly from inspiration, but mostly from hard work.

How to Stop the E-mail Insanity

(posted: 05/13/2009)

Managing email is one of the most commonly cited frustrations in the workplace today.

Leadership Tips: Keeping Engaged

(posted: 05/13/2009)

How do great managers inspire top performance in employees?

The Best Workplaces Have Much to Teach Us

(posted: 05/12/2009)

During good economic times, it's much easier for employees to feel good about their company.

How to Play to Your Strengths

(posted: 04/21/2009)

Wouldn't it be great if we got to play to our strengths all of the time?

Capturing Time

(posted: 04/21/2009)

As great as the idea of "time management" seems as a concept, there is a really big problem with it.

Are You Building Authentic Relationships?

(posted: 04/14/2009)

Great business teams are not necessarily top management teams.

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