"Kristi came to us on a recommendation from a board member as someone who had unique skills that could help the Granicus executive team improve leadership communications. As a result of Kristi's facilitation, not only did the initial engagement result in success with the executive team, it also expanded into a company-wide initiative."

Ed Roshitsh, COO

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The Kids are Back in School. Are You?

(posted: August 28th, 2009)

We live in a knowledge-powered economy. And if we're not continually upgrading our capabilities we become obsolete. The good news is this: We don't have to go back to college to gain additional educational. Condensed educational programs have become more available and recognized as an efficient way to gain specific expertise in less time without spending your life's savings on a long program.

"What we do today, right now, will have an accumulated effect on all of our tomorrows."

~ Alexandra Stoddard

We have all heard the expression, "If it's not broke don't fix it." This is where effective leadership makes a difference. Effective leadership means constantly evaluating yourself and your business and looking for ways to improve.

"From my research, the difference between the twenty percenters and the rest of us can be found less in what they choose to do and more in what they choose not to do. Time is an annoyingly inelastic resource."

Marcus Buckingham

We are operating in a time where we have more information coming at us than any other period in history. Effective leadership is sorting through the maze of information that's out there and focusing on what's important to growing yourself and your businesses.

You can choose to look at lifelong learning as the homework assignment that never goes away. Or, you can choose to look at it as an essential strategy for learning, building on your strengths and living long and well.

Challenge Yourself
  • How are you upgrading your knowledge and abilities?
  • What are you going to invest your time in learning this school year?
  • What are you putting on your "To-Don't List?"

This blog post was originally posted at www.linked2leadership.com.


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