"Of the many presentation coaches that I have had experience with, Kristi is the most effective. She has a very keen eye on identifying core strengths and areas to enhance. Her ability to continuously coach and provide individualized feedback is excellent. Kristi has helped my team grow professionally and personally. She is a valued and continued consultant for my marketing team."

Darryl Chew, Marketing Director
Impax Laboratories, Inc

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Where You'll Find Kristi

(posted: January 2nd, 2020)

Where Kristi Will be Speaking Next:

January 29th:
Be the CEO of You
Palo Alto
What do you want in 2020? Are you working on a Big Idea? Do you want to pivot in, or advance, your career? We can get so caught up in the detail of day-to-day demands, and so busy helping other people, that we never really take the time to think about our own future goals.

But without a plan, you'll stay right where you are. Realize your future - Create a personal strategic plan.

This event is open to the public. Learn more and reserve a spot here.

February 6th:
The Incubator @ The CLUB of Silicon Valley
Personal Strategic Planning with DiSC

February 11th:
FEI Silicon Valley
Harnessing Change for Leaders: Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset!
Successful people aren't just born that way. Even those with natural talent have to work at success. But why do some talented people go nowhere, while others with average abilities have tremendous success?

In this presentation, Kristi outlines the concepts of grit and resilience, the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset, and how you can put these ideas to work with specific steps.

When you shift your viewpoint you can make change a catalyst for growth and success. Learn the concepts of a growth mindset, grit, and resilience, with strategies & steps you can use right away.

Takeaways include:

  • How to identify a fixed mindset vs a growth mindset
  • Why your mindset matters
  • Steps to change your own mindset
  • Why grit is the foundation for success
  • The four surprising components of grit – they aren’t what you would expect.

An interactive style and practical takeaways provide real results. Kristi’s workshop method fosters idea-generation and a solutions-oriented mindset, and participants leave with strategies and tactics to keep the momentum going

This event is open to the public! Non-members pay $15 in advance, or $20 at the door. Members attend free.

Find more information, and Register Here.

March 2, 2020:
East Bay Women's Conference
Moving from Management to Leadership

This event is SOLD OUT.

"The EBWC is the only conference of its kind in San Francisco's East Bay that provides women opportunities to come together and participate in programs of personal and professional enrichment and development. Recognized by the community for programming excellence, the EBWC has enjoyed sold out attendance of nearly 600 since its 2006 inaugural event."

March 5th:
FWSF International Women's Day #EachForEqual
Negotiation for Women
San Francisco
Be a part of the conversation! Join us for our International Women's Day event, a solutions-oriented exploration of the challenges that women address as they work to have successful careers, particularly in the financial industry. We focus on how to make changes – in the industry and in ourselves – to further women's careers.

This event is open to the public! More information is here; registration is not yet open.

March 11th:
FEI SF Women in Finance
Realize Your Future: Create a Personal Strategic Plan
San Francisco

This event is open to the public! Learn more and register here.

Please join me at one of these events if you can!