"We recently had our mid-year off-site...This year I hired a facilitator...Kristi Royse was the consultant and I was extremely pleased with her style and content, as were my producers. I found many benefits, with the main one being she was in charge and I simply participated. Additionally, she didn't let anyone get away with giving a b.s. answer or not participating...it was nice to have someone else disciplining. For your next meeting, you might seriously consider KLR Consulting."

John J. Tallarida, Senior Vice President
Heffernan Insurance

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Where You'll Find Kristi

(posted: March 1st, 2019)

Kristi is currently in London with Workplace by Facebook. When she returns, there are several speaking engagements on the calendar.

Where Kristi Will be Speaking Next:

CANCELLED! March 13, 2019:
Professional Business Women of California (PBWC): We'll be presenting our talk, "Plan Your Fantastic Next Act," which combines Kristi's action-oriented process for achieving goals with that critical tool for communicating your plan or idea, the elevator pitch. This talk is being rescheduled! We'll update when we have specifics.

March 14, 2019:
ChIPs 2019 Next Gen Summit:This full-day conference in Silicon Valley is geared toward the next generation of female technology lawyers in their first 15 years of practice. Kristi will be on in the afternoon, presenting "Realize Your Future: Personal Strategic Planning." Learn more about the event here.

April 16, 2019:
Bay Area Assessors Association, 2019 Management Conference
Kristi will be giving the opening address to this group. Her talk, "Do You Have the IT Factor? Lead with Executive Presence" will kick off the event on an inspirational leadership note. Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown will give the keynote. Find more information, here.