"After working with Kristi, Hope Services' board members are much more engaged and collaborative. Before designing the retreat, Kristi took time to learn each person's thoughts and goals, then during the retreat she was an attentive, effective facilitator, flexible yet authoritative. She kept a roomful of high-powered executives on track! Kristi also did follow-up for some of the board's committees. We are more focused now, and making good progress on our goals, thanks to Kristi."

Cameron Haste, Chair, Board of Directors
Hope Services

Success Stories

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Steve Harris
(Founder & CEO, S.C. Harris & Associates)

With over 25 years as a trusted financial adviser, Steve Harris knows money and human behavior and is dedicated to helping his clients make the best decisions about their money. Steve likes to say that he acts as "Personal Chief Financial Officer" for his clients, and he specializes in helping recent widows and divorcees sort through and straighten out the complexities they face when taking sole charge of their finances.
He also likes to educate people about their financial options and has a talent for explaining sometimes complex concepts in simple terms.

Steve met Kristi Royse through ProVisors. "I knew that she herself was a superb speaker from the presentations I'd seen her do for the group." And then when he mentioned to another member that he wanted to improve his elevator speech, they said without reservation that he needed to work with Kristi Royse.

Kristi worked with Steve to improve his elevator pitch using focusing questions like, "What differentiates you? What makes you unique? Why do your clients buy you?"

"She shifted my perspective so I was talking about how I help, rather than what my job title is."

Because of the elevator pitch work they did, Steve knew Kristi was the right resource for help on a longer presentation he was scheduled to give.

The turnaround time, however, was very short.

KLR Leaps into Action

"Kristi was not worried about the time constraint at all," says Steve with admiration. "She is an energetic powerhouse!"

Kristi went to work immediately; reviewing Steve's content while putting her team to work on the visuals for the slide deck.

Finding Focus: the Message and Content

Steve knows his material really, really well, but, like many speakers, needed some objective insight into what worked, what didn't work, what to keep, what to eliminate.

Kristi listened like an audience member. "She pointed out what seemed superfluous, and asked a lot of questions. She was just super helpful with honing my message."

She also reinforced Steve's instinct that stories would help his audience connect with him. "Kristi helped me choose which parts of my personal story were appropriate and the most compelling."

In the meantime, Steve's slide deck was being revamped with new graphics, larger images, less text and design enhancements.

Confidence, Competence, Compliments...and Fun!

Steve didn't have time to practice his talk much at all, other than some basic run-throughs with Kristi and one or two casual sessions with his office staff.

Even so, his presentation was a hit. "I got so many compliments on my presentation!" Steve was thrilled with the results, especially with the limited time available.

The improved messaging, focus, and professional slide deck enhanced Steve's competence, which gave him greater confidence. His stress level was reduced so much that, "I actually had fun giving my talk!"

"If you have to give a talk of any length, get Kristi to help you. She is professional, knowledgeable and on target, and she'll make you look really good."

"I got SO many compliments! If you have to give a talk of any length, get Kristi to help you. She is professional, knowledgeable, and on target, and she'll make you look really good."

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