"Your presentation was fantastic, so much so that I felt compelled to write this to let you have immediate feedback. I had no idea so many details went into a successful presentation. I started taking notes shortly into your presentation so that I can refer to them the next time I give a presentation. The fact that you exhibit all these pointers with your own presentation helps drive home your message. Truly, truly fantastic. As swamped as I am with work right now, I'm glad I attended!"

David Saltzman, Principal
Squire Patton Boggs, LLP

Success Stories

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Rodan+Fields Executive Coaching

A San Francisco-based skincare company that is redefining the future of anti-aging skincare, Rodan+Fields® also prides itself on changing lives as a social commerce brand.

What started at R+F as a specific coaching engagement for one executive evolved into coaching other senior leaders within the company.

Three Executives, Three Different Challenges

Karyn, Sarah, and SG were leaders in different departments at Rodan+Fields' California headquarters. Each one was struggling with different aspects of leading people, and all were given the opportunity to work with an executive coach.

The company was growing rapidly at the time, and each of these executives was brought in from the outside to lead established teams.

Sarah had some recent personal traumas that were affecting her work.

"Thanks to Kristi, I am leading with greater confidence and more curiosity now."

~ SG, Sr. Director, Rodan+Fields

Karyn's team felt she was too aggressive in her initial approach.

SG was a new manager trying to make changes to long-standing team dynamics.

Executive Coaching - Small Changes for Big Results, Homework, DiSC Assessment

Kristi’s coaching process has had an impact for all three executives.

Sarah - "Kristi would give me small steps to try out, basically homework between our coaching sessions. So, for example, one of the 'assignments' was for me to leave work on time two times a week." She said that it seemed like such a minor thing but had a huge impact on her well-being. "My self-care was a big part of our work together. I didn't initially realize that taking care of myself would improve the way I interacted with my team."

"Kristi has this ability to listen, and then ask the right questions, which makes our work together more effective," says Karyn.

For SG, Kristi started their work with structured forms, identifying what to talk about, what the current issues were, getting to know her work style and understand the context surrounding her work and her team. "Once we had been working together for a while, that kind of structure wasn't as critical, and we were able to work on whatever was important in that moment."

"Sometimes you need someone else to show you the value you add. Kristi is so good at taking your strengths and amplifying them, so you can have a more profound impact."

~ Sarah Miller, Sr. Director, Rodan+Fields

In each case, Kristi's listening skills helped to build trust quickly, while the "homework" gave the executives actionable steps to create real results.

Kristi also took the executives and their direct reports through the DiSC assessment. "The DiSC is very helpful, and a lot of that is the way Kristi walks through your results with you," says Karyn.

Sarah says, "It helped them understand my behavior and I was able to better understand what they needed from me as leader. I could see my triggers and, say, go for a walk instead of marching into a direct report’s cubicle and demanding answers."

Improved Leadership Skills, Personal Growth, and Awareness

All three executives improved their leadership skills, grew as people, and increased their awareness of both themselves and others around them.

"Kristi is one of the most genuine and thoughtful people I've ever met. She has this ability to listen and then ask the right questions, which makes our work together more effective."

~ Karyn Durkin, Sr. Director, Rodan+Fields

Karyn learned to communicate more clearly, and less aggressively. "I was raised in the Midwest, but spent the early part of my career in New York City, which is wildly different from the West Coast. In New York, in a meeting, you just get right down to the work. Here you need to spend some time on the small talk and personal stuff."

Kristi provided powerful personal support as well. "Beyond the specific work we did, Kristi made me feel seen and heard, and like I mattered. She didn't judge me for my flaws, and her approach made it easier for me to see, and work on, those flaws. She can point out flaws and help you evolve in a way that feels safe; I never felt criticized by her feedback. And I never felt judged! Her whole process is very positive and proactive."

Sarah came to the realization that, while she was a capable leader, and could enhance that ability, she didn't really want to lead. "My 'super power' is an ability to intuit what people need, or will need, and help make companies a ton of money through that. I really enjoy the creative aspect of product development."

For SG, the coaching helped illuminate that she not only likes to lead people, but she also truly enjoys coaching them and helping them work to their strengths. She knows herself better and is clear on what she does and doesn’t want to develop. "I would say I have more clarity around what I want in my career, and I am leading with greater confidence and curiosity. Plus, I've learned how to optimize my communications up the ladder, with the senior leaders above me. Kristi has a lot of compassion and understanding. She holds space for you to be you, and yet to grow. This was a really good experience!"

Learning Translated into Action

All three executives have developed a greater understanding of their own abilities, how they lead, and what they need to focus on going forward.

Sarah says it best, "Sometimes you need someone else to show you the value you add. Kristi is so good at taking your strengths and amplifying them, so you can have a more profound impact."

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