"Kristi has an incredible passion for building great leaders, and her dynamism and enthusiasm are infectious. We brought her in to add depth and perspective, and we left impressed by how completely she engaged the participants. She provided concrete steps that people could use in their lives and careers right away, and that helped keep the energy and drive high, even after the workshops ended. I was so impressed with Kristi's skill as a facilitator that I have asked her to return next year."

Mona Sabet, Co-founder, Leading Women in Technology


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Strategic Planning

Many businesses and executives get so caught up in the day-to-day tasks, so busy putting out fires, that they never really take the time to plan their future. As a result, they stay right where they are.

Any organization or individual who doesn't plan for their future isn't likely to have one.

A strategic plan is ultimately a set of decisions about what to do, why to do it, and how to get it done. Strategic planning helps you make the decisions and take the actions that are most important.

Who needs strategic planning?

  • Businesses
  • Boards & Committees
  • Departments & Teams
  • Executives
  • Individuals

Why strategic planning?

  • Clearly defines your direction and purpose
  • Establishes realistic goals and objectives
  • Builds your blueprints for use of resources
  • Focuses your efforts towards results
  • Provides consistency
  • Communicate to all that are involved

Strategic Planning For Businesses, Boards & Groups

During the process you will:

  • Discover your purpose and mission
  • Identify your core values
  • Set specific and measurable goals
  • Create action steps that will help your vision become reality

This program can be presented as a half-day workshop, full day workshop, or as part of a longer retreat.

With clearly identified next steps and responsibilities, this process helps to create buy-in and commitment from every level of your organization or team.

Personal Strategic Planning

Turn your dreams into reality - Explore and create an integrated system of personal and professional goals with our customized personal strategic planning.

This program is available as a workshop for your group, or as one-on-one coaching.

This engaging and inspiring program can include:

  • Exercises to identify your core values
  • Steps for defining realistic, measurable goals
  • A written personal action plan
  • Specific next steps
  • Customized confidential coaching sessions (for individual clients)
  • Six months of ongoing support (for individual clients)

Success without a plan is just an accident!

NEW! Mid-Year Check In and Year-End Review

A strategic plan without focused, concentrated strategic execution is about as valuable as the bytes it's recorded on.

We now offer these two additional services to keep you on track towards reaching your strategic plans. You know that it helps to have an objective facilitator when creating your plan, now you can also have that same expert assistance to keep you and your team on track for you goals

"We initially turned to KLR to facilitate a strategic planning retreat for our executives, which resulted in a remarkable increase in the team's collaboration and leadership value. Due to the success of the management off-site, we asked them to design a customized, all-hands meeting to launch the company's new direction to our employees. This week-long team building retreat enabled everyone to embrace our common mission and provided the training needed to tackle the challenges ahead. KLR really helped Corefino develop and implement a new, prolific shift in company direction without any disruption to the business."

Karen Watts, CEO

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