"After working with Kristi, Hope Services' board members are much more engaged and collaborative. Before designing the retreat, Kristi took time to learn each person's thoughts and goals, then during the retreat she was an attentive, effective facilitator, flexible yet authoritative. She kept a roomful of high-powered executives on track! Kristi also did follow-up for some of the board's committees. We are more focused now, and making good progress on our goals, thanks to Kristi."

Cameron Haste, Chair, Board of Directors
Hope Services

Success Stories

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The Fraser Institute

The Fraser Institute Success Story

The Fraser Institute is a research and educational organization based in Canada. They are considered one of the top think tanks in Canada, conducting and publishing peer-reviewed research into critical economic and public policy issues.

As a think tank, they research specific problems, encourage the discovery of solutions to those problems, and facilitate interaction among researchers, scientists, economists, and academics in pursuit of these goals.

Executives Ask for More Time Management Tools

"Our senior executives came to us, asking for more tools to help them manage their time more productively," says Annabel Addington, Fraser's Director of Administration and Human Resources.

When Annabel consulted with Fraser's Executive Vice President, Jason Clemons, he immediately thought of KLR Consulting. "He had worked with Kristi when he was with a previous company, and thought she would be the right choice, not least because she had experience working with nonprofit organizations."

It was reassuring to know that Kristi had the understanding to work with both executives and nonprofits, because, as Annabel points out, "Think tanks can be quite different from other places."

Multi-pronged, Inclusive Approach

The process KLR used to craft a successful time management session for the Institute included several different elements. Kristi had each executive take Time Mastery assessments to help identify areas of greatest concern, and also scheduled one-on-one conversations with each person before crafting the workshop.

Your energy and optimism...are just so encouraging. You have continued to shape how I organize my weeks, how I give myself time off and when I make myself push through things (and stop multitasking!). Twice this week I was at the fitness club by 7:00 am...and the weather has been frigid, snowy, blustery, dark and yet I power on out with a smile on my face.

~ Deani A. Neven Van Pelt, PhD

"The individual meetings that Kristi held with us were very valuable. It gave each person a chance to have their concerns heard, and I think it really helped to prepare them to participate fully in the workshop," says Annabel.

Workshop Provides More Than Time Management Tools

"Our executives work solo a lot, just by the nature of the work we do. One of the things that Kristi's facilitation did was to encourage the team to have a greater appreciation for each other's priorities and deadlines."

Annabel continues, "Kristi's workshop allowed colleagues to share their ideas and approaches to time management and encouraged interaction and communication amongst colleagues both during and following the workshop."

Communication, Enthusiasm & Measurable Results

Annabel and Jason have both noticed changes. Jason says, "Even the language people are using has changed. I hear at least three people talk about their 3 priorities for the week."

Says Annabel, "People are communicating more with their colleagues so that they know each other's priorities, and they are leaning on each other for help, rather than being siloed. It sets a good example for more junior staff, and people really seem to feel empowered by the experience." She continues, "Kristi was very easy to work with, and people responded well to her. I think everyone is impressed and appreciative that she is staying in touch and following up with each of them even after the workshop is over."

There is no doubt that your work with our team has shown positive results in a very short time period. Even the language people are using has changed – I hear at least three people talk about their 3 priorities for the week.

~ Jason Clemons, Executive Vice President

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