"Kristi, your presentation was informative, instructive, motivating and fun! What an awesome combination! The exercises you created really work and will be invaluable in helping us succeed with our personal and professional goals."

Michael Bonham, CIC, CPIW, Account Manager
Heffernan Insurance


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Conflict Resolution

Great teams have a few common characteristics. One of these is the ability to withstand or deflect conflict, or even to use it in a positive way to aid productivity.

When your team members have strong, authentic relationships based on candor and transparency, conflict is easily managed.

We can help your teams:

  • Increase performance
  • Build effective relationships
  • Improve communication
  • Develop trust & loyalty
  • Transform negative conflict into positive, productive interaction

Our programs are always customized to the needs of your organization or team.

"When Power Catalyst experienced a burst of growth in staff and revenue, the changes triggered dislocations in the leadership of the company. This resulted in deadlocks in executive decision making and sagging confidence among the staff. In order to address these issues head on, we turned to KLR Consulting who lead a discovery process, to which the members of the board, the executive team, and the entire staff contributed. The program helped identify team strengths on which the company could build. With KLR's leadership in several focused sessions, the individuals on the leadership team expressed their positions, identified their shared objectives and worked on their differences in goals. KLR then navigated our team through a course of action that removed the deadlocks among the executive team. As a result, Power Catalyst was in a position to tackle the rough waters of the economic downturn with a leadership team that was far more aligned and equipped with the tools needed to make tough decisions together. KLR Consulting continued as an executive coach for individuals on the team for several months, and continued to support the resolution of any residual issues."

Michael Leppitsch, CEO
Power Catalyst

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