"Kristi encouraged me to take the DiSC assessment and helped me to evaluate the findings. I was so struck by her enthusiasm and encouragement that I immediately recommended her to many colleagues. Kristi has become a source of inspiration for me, passing along thoughtful articles and tidbits of advice that are perfectly suited for my role and aspirations. Kristi is passionate, driven and thoughtful in her approach and I would highly recommend her services."

Kristen Heryford, Professional Development Coordinator
Fenwick & West


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Leadership Development

Give new leaders a better chance of success and keep existing leadership teams learning and realizing their potential with our programs.

Who can benefit:

  • New leaders
  • Leaders in transition
  • Leadership teams
  • All levels of leaders, from department heads to CEOs

We customize our leadership development programs to address the specific challenges you are facing, and all programs are available as individual coaching or as team/group workshops and retreats.

360 Feedback tools are available as part of our Leadership Development programs. There are several 360s that we use depending on the situation, including the DiSC363.

The programs are designed to enhance and improve individual and collective leadership skills, inspire higher levels of performance, and develop communication and collaboration skills for high pressure, day-to-day environments.

Some of the potential benefits include:

  • Higher Functioning Teams: A strong and spirited team that is cohesive, collaborative, works well together and supports each member.
  • Flexibility: Increased responsiveness, including the ability to initiate change and adapt to changing business and economic conditions.
  • Stakeholder Awareness: Leaders who are committed to, and passionate about, serving the needs of all stakeholders.
  • Team Diversity: A greater respect for diversity, including an appreciation for both similarities and differences and how complementary skills and approaches can benefit the team.
  • Healthy Conflict: An understanding of how to effectively manage and engage in healthy conflict.
  • Improved Morale: Leading to increased support, productivity and commitment.
  • Developing Others: Leaders who are motivated to bring out the best in their people and support their long term growth.
  • Improved Communication: An understanding of how to communicate openly, honestly, and effectively with employees, colleagues, superiors and clients.
  • Goals & Vision: Clearly articulated expectations and goals, and the tools to measure progress.

Whether you have a team that needs to work on their collective leadership presence, or a single leader who needs to build their skills, KLR has programs that get results.

"KLR Consulting's Leadership Excellence Evaluation was a real eye opener for us. Their excellent communication style and simple, straightforward and easy to understand workshops and materials were a big hit with all levels of employees. You can count on KLR Consulting to deliver a product and service that not only meets, but also exceeds your expectations."

Fedele Bauccio, CEO
Bon Appetit Management Company

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