"I had been searching for a job for quite some time and really unsure of what direction I wanted to do. After working with Kristi Royse, the DiSC expert, to help me understand myself and my passions better, I was able to target jobs that fit my strengths and personality. I've accepted an amazing position that fits the group dynamics and the kind of work I enjoy. DiSC helped me analyze how I show up and work with other types of people. "Know thy self" is truly the case with DiSC and it has been so helpful in all aspects of my life."

Kim Elliott
Cisco Systems

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Where You'll Find Kristi 2016

(posted: January 18th, 2016)

Our speaking scehdule is starting to fill up for the first quarter of 2016. Please join us for one of these events, or more, if you can!

We'll update the listings for the public events with location and registration information when it becomes available.

Where We'll Be Speaking:

  • January 19th -NAWBO Silicon Valley. Personal Strategic Planning. It's that time of year! But don't even bother with traditional New Year's resolutions that you'll forget about by March. Instead, define your vision and your goals and create a strategy so that you reach them successfully, finally. This one is open to the public; please join us if you're available!
  • January 19th - Adobe & Women. It's so nice, we're doing it twice...in the same day! Yep, Personal Strategic Planning is so in demand that we're also doing a workshop for the Adobe women's group.
  • February 3rd - the CLUB of Silicon Valley's Incubator. Kristi will be doing her Personal Strategic Planning workshop.
  • February 18th - Association of Legal Administrators. Krist will be presenting the Art of Effective Feedback. This one is open to the public, and when we have the registration details we'll update with links. Hope to see you there!
  • Early in March Kristi will be doing presentation skills for the Financial Women of San Francisco's East Bay chapter. Date and time TBD.
  • March 9th - Provisors Walnut Creek. Presentation Skills.
  • May 4th - Provisors Bay Area Distributors & Manufacturers Affinity Group. "Risky Business: What You See is What You Get". In this talk we'll offer tips and tricks for those in manufacturing and distribution verticals on how to influence their clients, prospective clients and others in the supply chain to take the steps they need to succeed. (Note: Membership required)
  • TBD: The CLUB of Silicon Valley. Personal Strategic Planning for Living Your Most Prosperous Life. We'll talk about defining what prosperity means to you, creating a vision of the life you want, and then create plans to make that life a reality.

Check back for more dates, more information and links to register for upcoming events!